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Fee Schedule

Check or Other Electronic means returned NSF*
* The same transaction might result in multiple NSF fees if represented and if the account still contains insufficient funds.
Stop Payment Request
(If check or EFT is presented for payment)
ISF Charge per day if 1 item is presented for payment $12.00
ISF Charge per day if 2 items are presented of payment $24.00
Maximum ISF Charge per day if 3 or more items are presented for payment $36.00
Negative Balance Service Charge
(after 20 calendar days of being overdrawn)
UCCs—(new) $10.00
Terminations $5.00
Title Fee
(along with the charge at time of application)
Faxing Fee $1.00
Cahiers Checks (each) $3.00
Outgoing Wire Fee $25.00
Credit Reports $5.00
Statement Reprint (Per Statement) $5.00
Set up fee per head $50.00
Fee per month (payments) $2.00
Lock Boxes: Rent charge assessed on an annual basis

3x10 $14.00
5x10 $22.00

3x5 $8.00
5x5 $12.00
3x10 $14.00
5x10 $22.00

5x5 (old) $11.00
5x5 (new) $17.00
5x10 (2 ½ inch depth) $22.00
5x10 (4 ½ inch depth)